Walt Disney - Beauty and the Beast [Fantasy, melodrama. Read-along]

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http://audiobooks.3nx.ru Warning! The resource can give you the knowledge about different visual digital formats, that are exclusively for previewing only. All the rights for the outcoming audio and video recordings, as well as, different digital visuals are the property of the corresponding organizations and the private entities. Walt Disney - Beauty and the Beast [ Fantasy, melodrama. Read-along. Audioplay ] Уолт Дисней - Красавица и чудовище [Фэнтези, мелодрама. Читать вдоль. Аудиоспектакль] Book title: Beauty and the Beast The author's surname: Walt Disney The author's name: - Performer: - Language: English ISBN or ASIN: - Publishing house: Walt Disney [ http://disney.com/ ] Genre: Fantasy, melodrama, read-along, audioplay Playing time: 15:40 Description: Beauty and the Beast is a folklore intended for children ages 4 and up. I rated this book 5 stars because I loved this as a child. In his book, the beast is cursed until


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